New Years message

Dear International Budokai Union Kyodo members and friends OSU.
First of all I would like to thank You for the support of our Organisation in 2021. It was year full of success despite of Covid 19 pandemy.
IBU family has grown a lot and now our number of countries is 64.
It was also historical year because we opened Branch in Japan and we organised IBU KyodoKyokushin tournament in Budokan sport hall in Tokio with support of FSA Kenshinkan Organisation.
IBU has proved also that we are not only one Martial Art but we are open for new paths.
All our Branches worked very hard and we had a lot of national events.
Personaly I’m happy that I was able to travel to Ukraine for International camp last summer.
In 2022 we are planing to start International tournaments and events in all continents.
I hope to meet You all and practice with real martial arts fight spirit.
We also hope to organise big open tournament in Japan.
I wish You much health and happiness.
2022 will be year of KYODO.
Kancho Maciej Misiak