All India Karate Tournament

On 19 December 2021 took place All India Full Contact Karate Tournament. Fighters of Shihan Basudev Mukherjee team got Great result in this event:
1.Subhaday Bal (Age Group) -10+ to 12 Yrs Weight category – 30 to 40 kg Position – 4th kata, 2nd kumite.
2.Indrajit Nandan.(age group)14 to 17 yrs ./ Position-1st/weight category-above 60kag
3.Subhojit Dutta./position-3rd./event-kata.(age group)12+to 14 yrs
4. Anusha hazra./position- 4th/event-girlas kumite (age group )15to 17 yrs/weight category-above 55kg .
5.Sanskrita Rajak ./position-4th/event-girls kumite(age group )15 to 17 yrs/ weight category-55kg.
6.Simran Singh / position-2nd /event-girls kumite (age group)15 to 17 yrs/ weight category- under 55kg.
7.Chantika Mondal./ Position- 1st/ event- girls kumite(age group)12 to 15 yrs/ weight category- above 45 kg .
8. Bidisha Dutta/ position- 4th / event – kata (age group ) 18 yrs to open . position -2nd / event – girls kumite(age group) open .
9.Vivak Benea open Men’s Kumite 2nd place.